Friday, April 23, 2010

Water for the Planted Trees

The grapes are really growing quickly - at least the ones the deer haven't gotten to...

And little grapes are everywhere! Good thing - we are down to about a third of our grapejuice stock...

We planted alot of new fruit trees this year, and have been watering them heavily to help them take root.

One trick to make the watering easier is we piled on alot of old hay and grass clippings around the base of the tree - the water doesn't run off away from the tree and soaks in better.

Another trick that is working well for the nectarine tree is we took an old busted 5 gallon bucket, and embedded it in the old hay around the base of the tree.

Now, we can fill up the bucket, and let it slowly water the tree. Saves us time, and will water the tree evenly, too.