Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Spring Planting for 2010

We received our order for trees and bushes from Raintree Nurseries (www.raintree.com). yeah!

It is amazing they fit 6 trees, 8 bushes, and a dozen smaller starts in this one box. And alot of messy shredded paper.

First order - get rid of the paper!

We found a 10-year old to help with the paper.

Sometimes its good to encourage them to play with a lighter and fire... but you can see the ashes all over - he needs some adult supervision!

Good work with the paper, Jake!

We got 5 trees - two peach, two pear, and one crabapple.

Also, we got 6 various blueberry bushes, and 6 cranberry bushes.

The little ones are 'hanging' cranberries... they will go nicely by the grapevines to cover the ugly retaining wall.

Most of the trees and bushes are out in the unused area by the boathouse and driveway.

The ground is nice, soft, and watersoaked.

While putting in the ordered items, we also put in raspberry starts along the chicken coop fence.

Trying to make it nicer for the neighbors, and use the dead area.

Picking berries in the coop isn't so appealing, but these are extra starts. Besides - sweeter berries, right? Just wash them, first!

We tried to fire up the old rototiller... but it was a no-show.

After pulling on the crank rope, a mouse ran out of the flywheel cover! It was pretty hard to pull on...

... because there was a MOUSE HOUSE inside it!

So that is where all the old chicken feathers have gone to!

Now it pulls easily... just need to drain out all the old gas and give it a cleanup.

The wet-n-warm springtime weather really kicks the grass and plants into high gear.

And it starts to warm up the hornets from last fall!

We caught this one - stand clear of that tail - it was searching for a mark!

We also caught a mouse in the dog-food bin. Kids said its been there a week or so...
... and ate itself to death?
Yuck. Spring is getting busy.