Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brewing Baits for Springer Fishing

In prep for our day out after Spring Salmon, we planned to anchor and pull herring. Alot of folks are doing well with them.

Usually we pull them trolling with a head-clip. The clip is easy and fast for the kids... when we have alot of rods fishing.

Larger herring (i.e. greenlabel) are allittle too big for the clips, though.

Our brine is fairly simple, and helps keep the bait lasting longer on-the-hook.

Herring, container, rock salt, and 'secret sauce'... which includes tuna oil. Not the vegetable oil in store-bought tuna, but the fish oils from our home-canned stuff.

Pretty simple. Add it all together, with water to soak the bait and alot of salt.

Here is the common herring rig lately for Springers. A 2' leader from the mainline with a spin-n-glo above the bead chain. Another 2' leader to dual hooks for the cut-plug.

Fish 'em off the bottom.

So... how did we do fishing?