Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Springer Strike-out

We got the kids up bright-n-early. None of them complained about not sleeping in - we're going fishing!

Mom got up and made us all waffles, too! It is worth being late on the water for homemade syrup, fresh strawberries, and homemade whipped cream - yum!

Out on the water, we headed DOWNstream from St Helens, OR. Fewer boats and open water - there were alot of boats out this weekend!

The weather was wet and turned COLD! It hit 42*F for a while.

We fished alot of different lures.

These 'cut-plug' lures are new and all the rage. We stuffed it full of tuna... but no bite.

On anchor we always fly at least 1 kwikfish...

Here is the lure right out of the package. Spring fish are crazy and often are able to 'crow-bar' the hook out of their mouth against the plug, so we add a swivel to the middle hook:

Here is the modified kfish, ready to swim.

The added length from the swivel also seems to get the hooks deeper into the fish's mouth, too.

As good as this looks... no bite on any of the kwikfish.

We swam herring on the anchor, too.

They swam well, with a nice, wide, sweeping spin, but no bite on herring!

We put up the canvas, and fired up the heater. The crew huddled pretty close to the heat and everyone warmed up nicely.

They stayed close to the door, though - just waiting for a rod to go down!

Finally, it warmed up and got NICE out. Thermostat hit 82*F in the sunshine!

Alot more fish were being caught in clearer waters above Sand Island, and we decided to troll at the very end of the tide.

We did see 4 fish caught right around us... but no love or bites for our boat. Bummer! It was sure good to get out, and we decided to head for home early in the afternoon.