Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Sunday Around Rainier, Oregon

After a fun weekend of fishing and yard work in the beautiful Pacific Northwest weather - how do you top it off?

Take the little girls out on an adventure!

I had an assignment this weekend in Rainier, OR and took the little girls with me. We had a blast!

After church the weather really was beautiful and clear.

Here is Mount St Helens from the top of the Rainier ridge.

The river seems to always be in view...

Next stop was at Prescott Beach.

We hoped to run around a bit in the sand, but it was too crowded! There were alot of folks out fishing, and enjoying the day.

Very little action, though - they said only 1 fish had been caught, and it had a fin.

The river was flat like glass.

We had fun on the soft mossy bank, instead.

After time walking around Prescott Beach, we drove up to our favorite hill to see the new Camas flowers.

It was fun to hike in our church clothes, but the shoes weren't so good for the rocky parts...

That is Liberty Hill in the background - it is a nice simple walk, also.

As we enjoyed the Camas on the hillside, we kept one eye on the river, too.

Here's another nice shot of Mount Hood. And the river!

Lots of good photo ops with the girls.

The fields were beautiful, and the air was warm and fragrant.

We were careful not to step on the flowers, and just enjoyed ourselves.

We couldn't help but pick a few of the flowers for Mom, too.

So many flowers, and so much fun.

Another great day in the Pacific Northwest.