Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Its That Time of Year...

This time of year can be tough - the grass and weeds grow like crazy... and things always seem to break! Up in Northern Yukon Territory and the backcountry of Alaska, the natives didn't have names for the months, but referred to the seasons as "the time of ducks", or "the time of river solid", etc. April and May were "the time of ducks", when the waterfowl appeared and were gathered.

Here in the Pacific NorthWest, it could be called the "time of the broken". Seems there is alot more things breaking down in the spring than any other time of year.
Inside the house, the oven went out, a bathroom fan quit, a computer putzed out.
On the cars, there are electrical quirks, flat tires, wheel bearings... etc.

It seems any time we go to start a tool, it won't work without a few hours of repair and prayer.
The mower, which ran great last week, refuses now to start.
Last year we had to replace 4 car batteries in the fleet!

Even fishing gear is letting us down.
Oh well, I can't really complain about fishing gear...
Besides - when the mower breaks and the rototiller won't turn over, what else is there to do but GO FISHING!
Ok - all our problems are solved! We'll quit whining...