Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

We hope everyone had a great Easter season - we did!

Only glitch - our Oven/Stove went out this week!

So... we improvised and adapted. Our eggs boiled on the woodstove just fine before we colored them.

We also did some measuring and ordered a new stove. The old one was 20+ years old, so guess it was time.

We did try to first replace the element... but then the front panel gave an F1 error code and piercing alarm.

Repairman said it would take at least $350 for a new panel, plus the $80 for the element, so we started looking for NEW equipment.

Here is the old one to replace - the new one is on order.

We will be 'adjusting' the countertops to fit the bigger new one, though.

The new one will have 2 ovens in it... so we can back cookies WHILE the cake is baking, too!