Monday, April 19, 2010

Lighting Up Bigfoot

We did the last part of wiring up and building Bigfoot's lazer-eyes... and it was finally time to install them.

Here are the LEDs shinin' bright...

... and here is the big fella, lookin' good.
He just got a new charcoal coat, sanding, and is ready for a protective coating of polyurethane.
He stands almost 12' tall, on his pedestal, overlooking the Longview Bridge. A real Pacific NorthWest Goliath.

Here is a shot of the solar panel installed in the back of his head.
It is pretty inconspicuous - especially from the ground.
Plenty of sunshine up there to charge up the batteries, too.

Here's a closeup of the eyeballs, lit up. Reflective tape was used instead of the plastic eyeballs, after all.

Here's a perspective on the work.
We tried to get a good, night-shot from the highway (Hwy-30 in Oregon), but it didn't turn out at 55 miles per hour.
Take our word for it - his eyes are bright n' shiny! Be sure to check it out!

Here's another big carving in the works, at
Maybe we can put glowing eyes in that happy, fishin' bear.
Stay tuned for more fun chainsaw carving projects...