Monday, April 19, 2010

Mower Repair to Cut the Hay

One day, the riding mower is working strong... the next day, when the grass is exploding and deep, it won't start!

Not another thing to fix! Arrg - good thing spring salmon season is over so we can get caught up fixing all the rigs!

We went out and trouble-shot the starter. The battery was new, but acted odd. The solenoid made a funny, whining noise and now power went to even turn the starter.

In the meantime, we had the kids use the old push-mower. They were good sports about it, and it is good once-n-awhile to take the big tools away so they do real "yard work".

Emphasis on "work".

What a good sport!

We tried to jumpstart the mower, but no go. Same behavior as before.

We disconnected the battery to start it off the Suburban - same result. The battery isn't the issue.

Next, we began to take out the starter. At this point, we suspected the solenoid, but figured the starter would come out easier, and could be tested faster. If it isn't the starter, it has to be the solenoid, right?

Well - wonder of wonder, before dropping the starter out, we tried turning it over again... and it fired up!

Quick! before it dies - get it back together and get mowing!

We got the yard mowed and looking great. Right now our thought is that the cable is bad - wiggling it appears to have fixed the problem.

We'll see - with all the rain and sun that April and May bring, we'll be mowing about every other day and so we may not be done with this.

At least one thing is working again - on to another repair!