Monday, May 3, 2010

Empty-Handed After Another Pass at Spring Salmon

We had a brief window to hit Multnomah Channel for salmon again this week - just a couple of hours in the early AM.

The herring were blue, and the water was flat.

Alot of boats out in the channel!

Alot of wildlife, too.

This old dolphin had a nested pair of geese... with family!

Our first downhill troll, the pair got very upset, and clearly wanted to leave. The mother pushed out the first chick - about a 15' fall!

She then flew down, and the two adults 'coaxed' the rest of the chicks to jump. Welcome to the cold world of water!

Here they are working to get the rest of them down. Once the first few jumped, the rest were very eager to get down, too.

We did have 3 take-downs, but only one stuck to the fish. That one came off after a few head-shakes.

Then it was off to other things.