Monday, May 3, 2010

Garden 2010 - The Planting

Saturday's window of drier weather was just the chance we needed to get the garden in and alot of other yardwork done.

We were up early. Lots to do.

This year's garden had much fewer weeds and grass in the beginning. Hopefully it is a good omen!

The new spring tradition is to empty out all of last year's crab bait, and plow it into the garden.

We still had 2 buckets of old salmon heads, tuna carcasses, eggs, smelt, and old herring.

Not to worry - we'll have all summer to stockup on crab bait for this fall. Soon the shad will be running, and we'll catch more salmon...

The old backhoe also needed some TLC after the long winter. Good luck trying to see through those windows!

Seems the kids have been busy sticking sticks into the float block...

Hmmm... kids seem to have too much time on their hands...

A friend brought over his tractor and did a quick job of tilling up the soil.

The crabbait was still too frozen, so we tilled it in later.

While he was working the garden, the tractor *discovered* the kid's long-lost treasurebox!

Two years ago, a couple of the younger ones buried a box of 'treasure'. They even made a map to find it again.... but after 2 years and at least 30 different holes dug looking for it, they threw the map away!

The backhoe cleaned up quickly. We used a leaf blower to remove the leaves and spiders from the inside...

The battery charged for 2 hours...

And 'Galloping Gerdie' fired right up!

There was some work to do replacing hay in the laying boxes, and cleanup of the chicken coop.

Even the little dude wanted to help with the work...

... only if he got to use the 'power tools', though.

He couldn't get the blower fired up, so we gave him a hammer.

He was happy with that...

With all the help, we got most of the garden planted in no time.

Except someone pounded stakes everywhere throughout the garden...

The most fun was chopping up the 'fertilizer'.

One boy is working on his Gardening Merit Badge, so he planted pieces of smelt along his row of corn.

Mmmm... sweet corn!

Besides the garden, we also mowed and trimmed the yard. Everyone pitched in and worked so fast, we were done by early afternoon!

So... now what do we do? Lets go fishing!