Saturday, May 22, 2010

Garden 2010 - The Assault and The Redo

Here is 'Tigger Woods', the faithful garden sentry we carved from a stump a few years ago when we were clearing out all the trees for the garden.

He's supposed to chase the deer and crows away, but has been doing a poor job of it. Oh well, life's been tough on Tigger...

Its pretty crazy all the pollen we've had dumped on us from the trees lately.

Alot of it is gathering on the roof, and everywhere else.

The peas and beans are up strong - all the rain and sunshine over the last two weeks has been very good for the garden.

It is still pretty cold, though.

We've been waiting anxiously for the corn to come up, too.

We got a total of 5 corn plants up in the 7 rows we planted... those crows moved in over a day or two and cleaned them out!

It is crazy how quickly those birds can take out a row of seedlings...

And it isn't just the crows... we had to chase these deer away 2 times yesterday!

You can see the small pea plants at the edge of the battleground there.

So we called in the Night Watchman.

One of the boys and the dog kept sentry duty overnight last night, to keep the deer out.

The canopy was a big help - it poured rain all night, but he stayed nice and dry.

We let him sleep in alittle this AM too.

No problem with deer during the night... he did have a BIG pheasant sneak in on him and wake him up, though.

In between rain pouring down, we replanted much of the corn.

We also planted the other half of the garden. More beans, onions, potatoes... and corn.

The best deterant for the crows last year was shiny, thin wrapping ribbon strung up along EVERY row planted.

It works pretty good, and makes crazy noises in the breeze.

So long as it keeps the black buzzards out, we don't mind the noise.

The canopy was a fun retreat when the rain poured down!

The kids were a big help. The garden gets planted so fast with so many helpers, that it is ok when we have to redo it sometimes...

its a good lesson for the kids, too.