Monday, May 10, 2010

First Time Float Tubers

These two boys have been itchin' to get their float tubes out, so we loaded up after school on Friday and hit-the-lake.

They've been watching the older boys catch fish from tubes for years ,and now it was their turn!

It took a whilte getting into waders and stumbling around with fins, but soon they were settled in and kicking.

Nice and comfortable.

I showed them where and how, but they were more interested in covering alot of water. Can't really blame them.

The usual spot paid off well - we got 8 and lost another 6 or 7 in about 45 minutes.

Pretty average fish. Water still cold, but the lake was quiet and the wind was not bad.

Thunderclouds kicked up, so we got off the water, and the boys managed to catch another one from the bank.

They got alittle wet and chilled, but had smiles fixed on their faces.