Monday, May 10, 2010

Working Through "The Broken"

Saturday we were hoping to do a hike, but by noon, clouds were building and threatened rain.

And then the waterpump 'blew' in the pickup. The lawnmower drive belt shredded. The "check engine" light on the Suburban lit up. We are still getting through this year's time of "The Broken".

Most of the yard was already mowed when the mower died, and since the truck pulls the boat, it was priority to fix.

It was great having help pull the shroud and fan assembly. The oldest boy has been using the truck as 'his', so he was eager to help with the pump.

The old pump has been leaking for a while, and squealling sometimes, so it wasn't a big surprise when it died.

You can see here how the belt is also starting to wear, and needed replacement.

It took a while to get the lugs and some of the hardware off the old, corroded pump because the new pump didn't have it already.

The old pump is only about 7 years old... and about 12,000 miles, but we've been working the 454 pretty hard.

Shiny and new, the new pump dropped in smooth.

Getting the new belt on required both pair of hands. Overall, the repair went well, and it was great having help and company for the work.

Its easier talking to teenage boys when they are working on a truck engine.