Monday, May 10, 2010

More Fishing - This Time with the Little Girls

We worked the team pretty hard on Saturday, and so for the last few hours of the day decided to do some more fishing.

The little girls have been pining to come along, and are always disappointed when they are left behind... so, this time they got to come along.

They were so excited they chattered non-stop all the way to the lake! We let them ride in the back of the truck with the others...

The weather was beautiful at the lake, with alot of people there.

Fishing was pretty slow, though.

The boys took float tubes, while Dad fished the bank with the girls.

Shazam! Fish-on.

These little girls can really fish! The boys hadn't done a thing when we got our first 3 fish. Lots of laughs and giggles.

Dad couldn't keep bait on the hooks fast enough.

The boys started hooking fish, too. The warmer weather made the cold water easier to take.

Besides, once the fish started to bite, they forgot all about the water.

After we had 5 nice fish drug-up on the bank, the fishing slowed down a bit.

Never mind - the girls found lots of seaweed and mud to play with.

It gave the boys a chance to get a few more fish, and catch up.

It was a fun outing and the girls were pretty happy to be included.

A few more years and they will be serious fishing machines.

They didn't mind having to carry all the fish back to the truck, either.