Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Waiting Out the Rain-out

Well, with spring coming on we were hopeful to burn last year's pile...

We accumulate at least one of these every year - pruning, clearing land, and leaves.

This year is a big one, but not as big as it could have been.

It started out strong...

But then the rains came.

Oh well - we always get off to a false-start when nice weather sets in in Feb/March.

April rains always set us straight...

We did get out and seeded the front yard, where the trees were cleared out.

Gotta get the grass ready for summer football season!

The first buds on the grapevines have popped, too!
Can't wait for the grapes - especially after eating pie.
This year we'll be trying grape jelly... did we already mention that?