Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fixing a Fishing Reel

When fishing for spring salmon last week, the nut holding the reel handle on our favorite rod fell off... and into the Columbia. If you find a little, shiny nut in about 45' of water, its ours...

Here is the "boat fix" we did with wire leader... it is ugly, but worked well enough to keep using the rod. Like I said - its my favorite.

Maybe its better we didn't hook anything on this one...

A quick check on Abu Garcia's webpage gave schematics and part numbers. (http:\\

I called and the two parts I need will cost $2.48, however the big nut is on backorder, and they don't do backorder. I'll have to call back in April.

Oh well... maybe we will get a spring salmon on that rod before then... stay tuned!