Monday, March 15, 2010

New Signs of Spring

The warm weather and springtime are sure exciting.

Nice to see the sun more, too.

The nectarine tree is sure putting out high-hopes this year... look at all those buds! Last year the 4 nectarines grew to the size of quarters... then dropped off. This year we'll be sure it gets plenty of water, to see if that helps.

The grapes have budded this week, too.

It is always fascinating when the vines "wake up". They always seem so dead in the winter.

There isn't much to them, either.

This should be a great year for the grapes again.

Actually, every year seems good - so long as the summer is hot-n-sunny.

Global warming can be a GOOD thing...

We spent some of the weekend watercolor painting with the little girls. The flowers and blossoms are good practice.

The moles are starting to get more frisky, too.

This dude was lucky. We left this trap out all winter - he has been lucky for a while now.

Persistance will pay off, though...

The skunk cabbage has started to bloom - there were lots of elk tracks around alot of the cabbage we saw this weekend...

Word is that bears like the new growth, too.

That would explain the smells...

Its time to get out more!