Thursday, March 25, 2010

Auto Repair #26 - Replacing the Front Wheel Bearing... AGAIN!

We replaced this SAME front wheel bearing on the Pontiac EXACTLY one year ago!

Piece of junk...

Its been howling for a few weeks now, so we tore into it. Last time, we bought the "economy", cheaper bearing, and it lasted just under 1 year. This year, its the $pendy, premium bearing.

The replacement went very smoothly this time (we've had good practice), until it was time to pull the bearing off of the driveline. Stuck tight.

Fortunately, another good neighbor had a puller we could borrow, and it came right off. We have great neighbors!

The new bearing went right on with plenty of grease.

The whole job could have been done in 30 minutes... but took 2x that to pull off the bearing.

The car is running smooth and quiet now. I'm concerned the last replacement wore out so quickly - maybe a bent drive shaft?

Piece of junk...