Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pie Day Post-Mortem

On monday we celebrated PI day (3.14.2010) at work, and we had more than 9 homemade pies and ice cream.

Everyone ate too much, but we were happy.

The grape pie was a big hit - no one had ever heard of it, but all were impressed.

There was also a peanut pie, which was new. It was good. ALL the pies were good...

Last fall we cooked up extra grape pie filling and froze it - they are too good to only enjoy 1x each year.

The filling froze well, and thawed out quickly. Tasted FANTASTIC - very fresh.

It filled the kitchen with that fresh grape aroma.

The other key was good pie crust. Using real LARD.

Keep the crust chilled and covered until JUST BEFORE it is used.

Otherwise it dries out a bit.

The last key (that we'll tell you about) is CREAM CHEESE!

WOW - can't emphasize that one enough!

After baking the cream cheese made the filling runnier, but after cooling it setup well.

We ate grape pie all weekend, and then I ate 3 more pieces on monday!


I mean, "yumm."