Monday, March 15, 2010

Camas Post-Mortem

The chickens got at this camas plant, and actually uprooted the bulb.

They weren't interested in it once it was out...

We needed the pots for new grape clippings, so it was time to see what happened with the camas bulbs under-da-dirt.

Here are the first two bulbs we planted back in Jan - the ones that stayed indoors and grew so well.

Obviously camas weren't made to bloom early, and they have died a cold, wintery death.

The left bulb had quite a set of roots grown.

The bulb on the right didn't seem to grow any roots... and though it was the bigger bulb, it never really took off and grew.

The bulb on the left was beat-up and broken, but still grew well in its brief, glorious shot.

None of the seeds planted have started to sprout yet, either.