Monday, March 22, 2010

Springer at the Boat

Ok, there have been far too may posts lately about chores, pies, and goofing on the computer. Lets get out and FISH!

Took the team out on the Columbia with 40 other complete strangers to chase spring salmon.

This last weekend was MADE for fishing. It started cold, but that sun warmed things up nicely!

The whole day was really slow... didn't see anyone else touch a fish.

The sheriff and Coast Guard were out making the rounds, and they came by to inspect the boat and fishing licenses.

Maybe it was the boat brisselling with rods that drew their attention to us... 5 rods and no fish yet - something suspicious is going on!

They took a while going through all the documentation.

It was good to test out the safety equipment, and the airhorn still is LOUD!

The inspection went smoothly.

We got a nice, shiny new sticker for the boat, too.
And then lightning struck! Fish on!

Beautiful salmon - had 4 of the 6 hooks stuck in him.

After a brief fight, the 15lb fish easily came up to the boat. His mouth was wired shut with the hooks, and he couldn't breathe.
Didn't even need to drop off anchor.

Bummer! He had too many fins on his back... a wild fish!
We took out the hooks, and sent him on his way up to the gillnetters to finish off.
Always a pity to release them, but always a good lesson for the kids.

And that was it... no other fish, just alotta sun.
After that first fish hit, Dad didn't need to keep bugging the kids to watch their poles... they were focused, waiting for the next takedown.
At least for about 5 minutes, then the sun put them back into a stupor, and Dad was fishing by himself again.

It was a great day, and we did get a fish to the boat - the stink is off now!
Here's a cool tilt-pan picture of the boat at the boat launch - it makes a big boat look tiny-n-cute.

There are very few fish coming through... so we're gonna give it a rest until April when the run starts.