Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Indoor Spring Sport of Eating

Yeah, its been raining - alot! Obviously we aren't out and exploring the woods and streams like usual. This time of year its tough being patient.

But we've got plenty else to do inside... like cook-n-eat!

Here is a great french meal our teenagers put together on their own. Yum!

Here's another favorite from last night - BBQ'ed salmon.

We are trying hard to eat up all of last year's fish... a new year is here and we will soon need room in the freezer!

This is a great, simple recipe:

Simply spread butter across the top of the fish, and season.

Bake on aluminum foil in the grill. When the fish is ~80% done, load on the BBQ sauce. Easy!

Most of the salmon we fillet we leave the skin on the fillets - it makes it easier to handle in the BBQ, and the skin holds in alot of the oil.

After cooking, the skin separates easily from the meats.

Are you hungry yet???