Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Free Software - On-Line Language Translation

So... besides sitting indoors by the fire reading, we've also been goofing around writing more software.

Google has some GREAT online tools - some are really creative and useful. As big a company as they have become, they still seem to have that playful, engineering feel that many other companies quickly lose. Their accounting department must not yet be staffed...

Anywho - two of their great tools include language translation, and text-to-speech. Neither are very new, but Google has their tools simplified with a LARGE range of languages to use.

This is a simple app written to take and translated any text you want - including ebooks, into a new language. Two clicks. A third click will have your computer speak the text to you in its new language. We call it "Google GaGa".

Google's tools basically take the inputs over the web in the form of a URL, and return a webpage for the translation. This app scrapes out the translation to make it easier to read.

Another URL sent to Google returns an MP3 file, saved onto your computer and played for you.

Kinda fun. Really simple. Totally free. Send us an email if you want to play with it, or go see Google's site.

We're gonna keep goofing around with this stuff until we can get back out on the river and goof around with a salmon...