Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tending the Anchor Rope

Last year when we put on a new anchor rope, we made the new one 300' long.

All the recommendations and conventional "river wisdom" called for 300' of rope... but that turned out WAY too much for our needs.

The boat has a heavy anchor, and we never used more than 130 feet - even when anchored in 65 feet of heavy current.

We took some time to cut the rope down from 300' to 170'... when we fished Fall Chinook and threw out the anchor each time with a fish-on, there was much too much excess rope and it was a mess.

Now, we should be good to go - plenty of extra rope but not a huge wad of extra to sink, unravel, or tangle in the bouy.

Time to put it to use!