Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some Truffle Hunting in January

We went out to check if the Shitake mushrooms had started to grow on our seed-logs.

No Shitake's, but we did find some truffles! Truffles grow between October and June - it is hit-or-miss during the winter, depending on weather...

We found some decent sized ones out in the pasture.

Over the years we've marked the trees that produce.

Quite a few trees in the pasture have tape on them. All the ones we checked this weekend had truffles.

None of the unmarked trees had any. We keep looking...

There is a wide variety of conditions we check for truffles - open pasture, deep forest, leaf covered, and high "traffic" areas.

If trees have grown them in the past, they continue to grow them, no matter the change in condition or environment.

Just goofing around we found a pretty good sampling. They were all ripe, or nearly ripe, too.

They are best on eggs or over rice dishes. They have a very unique smell, and when they are ripe, they are very fragrant!

Its a unique, compelling spell. Either you really like it, or you can't stand it. Email us if you'd like to try them (for free of course).

And then we were on to fly cast practice. The boys have all gotten fly rods over the last few years, and have really had fun tying flies.

In April we'll start float tubing again and fly fishing.... stay tuned for that!

He's starting to get the hang of it!