Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sturgeon Fishing - More Shaker Action

The rain broke and hope springs eternal... so we went after sturgeon again.

It was a beautiful morning... sailor take warning?

This trip we launched out of Goble, and headed to the deep hole where the old Trojan Nuclear Tower used to sit.

Here is the lead rock - the water starts dropping from 50' down to 80' about where the marker rock is located.

The old Trojan tower was just behind that tallest tree...

Its actually too bad they blew it down - it was a nice landmark.

Anyway, the water was cold, and so was the bite. We caught a few shakers down in 100' of water - even small fish feel big with 16oz. of lead down that deep!

Farther down, the water dropped down to 145' deep!!! Alot of fish stacked up down there, too.

But none of them biting. None of the other boats had much action, either.

We moved around quite a few times, and finally put the boat back on the trailer.

You can see, the launch in Goble isn't very big or wide.

Oh well - we had to try. Reports are the sturgeon have been slow everywhere. Some folks are doing well, but most aren't.

We think its just too cold right now. We'll probably try again, though....