Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Couple Bird Mounts

Here are a couple of the birds we've mounted over the years.

Sorry the images are crappy - it has been a while.

Here is a really nice wreath of corn tassles for the pheasant we showed earlier.

Here is a blue-winged teal we mounted a while back. A strong wire coming out of the body, through the far wing, and into the log suspends the bird.

Small wires in the legs hold the feet extended. Use paper on the feet, just like the wings, to help them dry into position.

Alittle varnish on the beak and feet might help, though we didn't use them on this one.

The support weeds, log, and positioning really help the waterfowl. These are incredibly beautiful animals - you really have to mess them up for them NOT to turn out great.

Go ahead - give it a try on your next bird and send us a picture.