Friday, January 15, 2010

Neoprene Camera Cases

You've probably noticed our old camera is getting worn out - spots on the images, slow to startup, buttons not working right...

We are pretty tough on our cameras. Too much salt water, rain, sand, etc.

We bought a new one (Canon SD780) and wanted to protect it alittle better than the last one.

We took some neoprene - a boot collar from waders we no longer have - and cut it to sew a pouch for the camera. Padded, water resistant, and small.

The collar had enough neoprene for both cameras. Here is the old one. It still works, and we'll keep using it until it dies.

It lasted 2 years and 8500 pictures, so we got our $s worth!

Here you can see the piece of neoprene.

Here is the new camera - it is very small and very nice.

The only drawback is that the CHDK does NOT yet support this camera... bummer! The CHDK is a big factor and we use it alot - we posted about it last spring.

This camera has a 12MP sensor, and uses the batteries of the old camera - backups are important!

Anywho - here is the final pouch. It fits perfectly.

Nice and snug and deep - so the camera won't slip out and won't get scratched.

This time of year is when we do alot of the projects, software, and electronic circuit development we put off all year when out in the field. Stay tuned for more to come.