Friday, January 29, 2010

Early Gardening - Tayberry Starts

We got a call from a friend that they were clearing out all the 'volunteer' berry vines in their patch - come over and get some starts.


We got about a dozen Tayberry starts for our berry patch.

While we were distracted, this dude thought he'd sneak off - he spied a neighbor's play equipment and before we knew it, he was gone!

Good thing he got hung-up in the barbwire...

It was a real fight getting him to come back.

Here are some of the friend's berry trellises.

Very nice and neat.

Here you can see all the rasberry starts all over. These plants are really prolific.

The best part is that they are thornless.

We'll be back for some of those...

A break in the rain also gave us the opportunity to weed and plant the starts right away.

Its only January, but it is great to get out and have a headstart on the year.