Friday, January 15, 2010

First Trap-Set of 2010

Our first trapping of the year 2010, and wouldn't you know it - a skunk!

This big one was marrauding the chickens, and fortunately the cage caught it before it got in. Funny thing was is that the cage was full of old, rotten brocolli stalks from when we caught the pet rabbit last month...

We'd rather not have to deal with these skunks... but they are really attracted to the chickens.

Last year we got 2 of them, and only 3 moles.

An omen of a 'stinky' year? Hmmm....

This looks like a job for the kids to deal with... and wouldn't you know it - they always come up with a good idea.

Do you think he could have stuffed any more kleenex in that nose?

He was excited to skin it until he had to take it out of the trap!