Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Shaker-Day, 2010

Looking at the calendar, our Saturdays for the next few months are booked! We better get out while we can and do some fishing!

It was rainy, but we've got a top on the boat for that...

We've learned over the years that Jan and Feb are slow months for Sturgeon - at least for us! Oh well, we had to get out.

We took all kinds of bait on this trip - smelt, squid, anchovies, even nightcrawlers. The one thing we didn't take was sand shrimp, and wouldn't you know it - everyone else had good action with the shrimp!

The nightcrawlers did well for us - we did get a few shakers.

We tried several new spots - outside of this drydock was cool.

Noisy, though - they were working all day.

After 45 minutes of 'nuthin', we moved.

Here's a fun little shaker we got on nightcrawler.

We hit 5 different spots, and it was slow at all of them. We all got at least one shaker, and Jake caught 3 or 4 of them.

Tons of boats out, too. The fish counter said it had been slow for everybody, and the 3 other boats at the launch when we pulled out hadn't even caught a shaker!

Oh well, it was fun!