Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wii Game Hardware - Wiimote Mount and IR Finger

So, we've been working on Wii-projects for the computer for a while now. Here's what we've been doing lately: a tripod mount for a WiiMote, and a IR Finger light to let the WiiMote software track our fingerz. And, because we are FRUGAL, we are making them! Its not that we are cheap, its just that we want to be able to LAUGH when something falls out of the boat as it invariably does!
Here is a simple block of wood we drilled and embedded a 1/4" nut into - for mounting to our tripod. Easy, cheap, and ugly - just the way we like it.
Here is the wood mounted to the tripod, and our WiiMote "mounted" to the wood block with a high-tech fastener. Very quickly adjusted, I might add... too bad its pink.

Here is the final assembly - now we can use it as a Whiteboard and various other tracking for any Infrared (IR) lightsource.

On to the finger-tracker. I bought a pile of these little LED things on ebay - again, VERY cheap - and the kids LOVE them for goofing around on campouts.
Simply a LED, a switch, and batteries. Popped open here to replace the white LED with an IR LED for the WiiMote to track!

Here's the final assembly - popped the old LED out, the new IR LED in, and just touch the switch to turn it on/off. Nice elastic on it, too for "hands free" hand tracking ;-)
The tripod mount and finger-LED cost a total of $0.51... well within our requirements. Except we can only track 4 at a timeusing the Wii, so no thumbs can play... bummer.