Monday, April 27, 2009

Garden-time in the Garden of Eden

The Pacific NorthWest is truly the Garden of Eden - our flowering Camas is delicious, and even our weeds (blackberries) are a treat! Its time to plow the garden and get it ready for serious food production... and the kids need something to do ;-)

Here is our garden (recently expanded by some 10-yr old backhow operators...) before tilling.

Here is the garden after being tilled up this weekend. Monday we'll get the kids out there to help plant. Planting is best done barefoot!

This year we're also going to plant a "three sisters" garden of corn-beans-squash like the Native Americans did - word is that the three all assist eachother in growth, etc. We'll see...

I always over-plant the corn, so i can pull up the extra stalks for when we get a beef-cow for butchering in the fall. The "beefers" live cornstalks better than COB feed mix.

Josey, our yellow lab, loves the garden already! There are 'beds' all over the soft, warm dirt.