Sunday, April 5, 2009

Travel to Tillamook - Spring Break!

For Spring Break we wanted to get out and do something. The weather is always bad, so we don't make plans, then it gets nice and we regret not hitting the road. So...
I've wanted to explore the Tillamook Oregon area more - I've steelheaded there several times and camped on the Bayocean spit. They have lots of beaches and outdoors stuff to do - just the ticket for the NWpodcast crew.
Our first stop on getting there was to bike ride out the Bayocean access road. It was about a 5-6 mile ride out there - nice and level and easy riding for the kids. I had 2 of them in tow and Abi constantly saying "go faster, Dad". Someday she is going to have to pull ME around.

We got out to the spit and beachcombed - found alot of good floats! The weather was cool and a nice breeze... just perfect.

There were alot of folks out fishing the rocks along the spit - we'll have to take fishing poles next time! I've fished the rocks when camping and did really well.

After loading up our catch and the sandy kids, we headed back to Agate beach to use the outgoing tide and the kids found some nice agates.

They teased me that if I went off the road I was in no danger of drownding with all the floats on the bike...

The next day was nice, but started to drizzle - its Oregon, so you can't expect TWO nice days in a row... right? Still good enough to get out and we built a nice fire to dry off the kids who mis-calculated the waves rushing in to the beach! Forgot the cocoa, though!
Everyone agreed the tide-pools at 3 Grace Rocks were one of the fun things. Most of the beaches at Rockaway, where we rented a home are sandy, but at the tidepools near Garibaldi, lots of fish, eels, crabs, hermit crabs, etc kept us involved so we didn't notice the cold or wet.
The cheese factory was fun, too. Alot of bike riding and exploring. Less of the touristy stuff than Seaside or Cannon Beach. A great 3 days!

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