Saturday, April 4, 2009

First Salmon of 2009 - The Springers are coming!

There's been a few salmon here and there in the Columbia River - not nearly enough to go out in the stormy, rainy weather yet and fight the crowds. Everyone seems to have cabin-fever BAD and is out chasing the salmon. But... a friend came out and the word this weekend was that more fish were hooking up so I got the itch. Besides, friends don't let friends fish alone... right?

We had 3 take-downs - the first fish came off. Then we got this one - a beauty! It turned out to be a pretty good day on the river - didn't rain all that much. Still was windy and cold, though. Great to be out.

Then the other friend joined us, and he got this one. Another chromer. 3 tries and 2 fish in the boat - thats a great day any time of the year! The only down-side is that all the fish were on the other guy's rods - I got skunked!

Oh well, it was lots of fun to be out on the river again. Here is Bert showing off his latest invention - the "No Tangle Fishing Bucket"... I think he STILL is sorting things out again ;-)
Can you pick out which one in the pile is the "lucky lure"??? Thats right - the one he doesn't pick to put in the water...

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