Monday, April 27, 2009

Have Boat Will Travel

The weekend was our anniversary, and with the nice weather we decided to take the boat out to dinner. Always fun - but this time we stopped to do some fishing on the way! Yeah - how many guys get to go fishing on their wedding anniversary!

We put the boat in at Scappoose Bay ( and motored about 15 minutes from St. Helens down to Scappoose to Mark's - a restaraunt on the Multnomah Channel. Good food and great atmosphere. Live music started at 7pm. Alot of boat parking - DEFINITELY the way to go!

We stopped at the "birdhouse" hole and caught a couple of shaker sturgeon. Noone else had caught a keeper. There were quite a few people fishing for salmon - and a few said they had caught some, too. There were alot of boats moored at Coon's Island, too. Oh yeah, my wife had a great time and said we should do it again!

The location of Mark's is at 45*43'45.51"N 122*51'35.33"W.