Thursday, April 16, 2009

Simple AC Power Control

With an old solid-state relay, an outlet, box, and powercord I rigged up a simple AC-power control box. Very simple and easy - this is a great way to debug controller projects and enable them to power-on or off AC devices.

Wiring is simple - 2 wires into the DC connections (1 and 2) for the control. Then, wire up the white (common) and green (ground) wires from the AC power cord into the outlet socket as normal. Finally, wire the black (hot) wire from the cord into one of the relay's AC connectors (#4) and another piece of wire from the other relay connection (#3) into the hot-lead for the AC socket. Now stuff it into the box to be more tidy.

Here is the final box. I've used it to remotely power-on a PC, a lamp, and soon it will control the door lock and lights in my daughter's room. I'm rigging up a musically controlled electronic lock - when Hanna play's a sequence of notes on her Clairinette it will automatically unlock the door and turn on the light. Should help to entertain while keeping little-sister Abi out of her room! More on that design later...

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