Monday, April 13, 2009

Home Repair # 38 - Refrigerator water valve

Few months ago we had a leak in the water dispenser tubing on our old Amana Refrigerator. I tried to splice it and thought it was fixed, but then the ice maker's tubing also began to leak. So... as I tried to disconnect it from the water valve, the valve itself broke above the tubing threads. Why is this stuff always made out of cheap plastic???

I found a replacement at for $45 and they shipped it FAST. Installation was pretty easy, and its working great - except that the ice maker's water tubing froze up from being empty for months. Oh, and my original splice on the water dispenser is leaking - BAD. I'm going to have to find a brass joiner to finish this one...

Another brass joiner finished the leak. Let the kids at it!

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