Monday, November 14, 2011

Wyoming Style

Those good ol' boys in Wyoming sure know how to take care of animals.

It used to take more than an hour to skin a deer- pulling, tugging, and cutting off the hide a few inches at a time.

This hunt the family showed us a better way.

We hung the deer up by the neck, and just pulled off the hide.

A few cuts around the neck and legs (at the knees), and then we looped the chain around a rock in the cape of the hide.

Pulled right off.

There are lots of videos and pictures on the web showing details on how to do it...

... and now we're all believers.

Slick as pie.

Definitely one of the best new tricks we've learned in a while.

After a quick rinse inside and out, the deer is ready for hanging to chill.

This technique even pulled the hide off the tail.

Weird, but cool.