Friday, November 18, 2011

Horn Soup

The kids have been pining for their antlers... so while they are at school, we made horn soup to clean off the extra... "meat".

With the water starting to boil, we added some dishsoap - it really helps loosen the meat.

Helps with the smell, too.

Thats a nice big batch of soup!

Got alittle excited with the knife, and it went in deep.

Superglue sealed it right up, fast!

A year or so ago we picked up 60 or 70 tubes of the stuff on eBay for less than $7.

We use it all the time now, too.

Waterproof, I was able to get back to cutting without missing a beat.

I trimmed most of the 'meat' off, and the dog cleaned up the porch.

Now, Mom is willing to let them in the house where they will dry by the woodstove.

After they dry, the smaller flakes will peel right off.

Now I'll just add a few potatoes to the pot, and dinner is ready too!