Thursday, November 24, 2011

Shaving Cream in the Turkey-Bowl

Festivus has the "airing of grievences", but we have our annual Shaving cream fight.

It amounts to about the same - releasing pent up emotions!

This year we hid the ammo all around the yard. It started out with a scramble!

Before long the white stuff was flying again.

Everyone is pretty good sports with it - and they all expect to get covered, so there is less running and more of the "Thanksgiving Stand-off!"

The dog was busy cleaning up the whipping cream...

... and didn't avoid the shaving cream action.

The stuff was flying faster than a blizzard in Wyoming...

Good clean fun.

Some of those sweatshirts hadn't been cleaned since the last fight...

Our favorite way START to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving from us!