Monday, November 14, 2011

BBQ After the Hunt

Part of learning to hunt is learning to take care of the animals we take.

The boys had fun shooting rabbits, so it was important to teach them to cook it well.

Wrapping anything in bacon always helps...

There were fresh grizzly tracks around, so we cooked the game out in the open in the daylight.

No guarrentee against bears, but at least we could see better...

First, the boys practiced building fire in the snow.

Lots of questions about squaw-wood, but they learned quickly.

More lessons on building a spit to cook with, too.

Slowly the fire begain...

Before long, we had to be careful about too much fire!

We also got out a pot to melt snow with, so we could have something to wash down the feast.

Amazing how little water is actually in Wyoming snow.

The rabbit turned out great!

The bacon and lots of salt also helped it out immensely.

Lots of snow gave alittle drink... and it was nice and cool.