Friday, November 18, 2011

Rawhide Update

Stirring the hides this AM, we found that more hair is pulling out easily.

You can see the hides are white from the lime.

They have been soaking for > 4 days in ~45*F. A week at 70*F is best, so are still planning to soak at least another week or two.

I pulled one out anyway to test it.

Here you can see the other fancy tool needed for rawhide - Mr. 2x6.

Patches of the hair pulled out easily.

Carefully scraping with a scraper or draw knife will help keep from gouging the hide.

There are still alot of areas where the hair starts to break off, rather than pull out.

Its starting to look good, but we'll soak it more.

Interestingly, the leg hair doesn't pull at all yet.

The hide is much thinner on the legs, and the hair finer. I would have expected the hair here to lessen first.

Hmmm. Back into the can with it.