Monday, November 14, 2011


No postings lately as we've been out on vacation, visiting family.

Our visits to family usually end up in helping with cattle and work around the ranch, which is a great way to spend vacation.

We helped with several roundups - sending cattle off to feedlots.

The first was a beautiful morning. Here the team is off to start up the cattle.

In short order the yearlings were on the move.

In no time the stampede was on!

Of course it didn't go as planned, but we did contain them.

This is what's called a Wyoming standoff...

Soon the beefs were moving into the pens.

A few broke through the blockade and were on the loose, but not for long.

Cattle don't like being loners, and quickly wanted to get into the pen.

Work was much slower paced with the beefs behind bars.

The rest of the effort was weighing, counting, and screening them.

Only 6 of the 280 cows had worrisome issues the buyer didn't want.

Then it was pleasure riding.

A few days later we were back at it.

The trucks hadn't been able to get in (because of the snowstorm) so the cattle had been let out for grass.

It was beautiful out, but only 12*F mid-morning.

After a few minutes in the saddle both riders and horses were warmed up.

The cattle knew the routine this time, and were quite cooperative.

Or maybe they knew the pens were warmer...

The queue grew quickly.

Bullseye was a great ride. I had to be careful with my legs, though, because he is a roping horse and responds quickly to any directions.

He was patient with this dude, too.

Bunched up and on the move.

Everything looks differently...

And finally the trucks showed up.

Move 'em out!