Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Project - Gourds

Lots of gourds laying around now that "Fall Decoration" season is over and we've started into "Chrismas Decoration".

We made pie out of most of the pumpkins, but what to do with the gourds? One project the kids had a good time with was making canteens, bowls, and containers out of the old gourds.

They loved the machete' part.

Scooping out the 'guts' was fun, too.

Most of the gourds emptied quickly to leave behind only the hard, outer shell.

Once again, the humble spoon was the tool of choice.

Here is an emptied gourd. This one will be a cup or bowl.

Many of them we will dry, add a long strap of leather, and give as gifts. Alot of friends asked for pumpkin seeds from the giant pumpkin, or we will put a bunch of the black Aztec corn seeds (heritage) in as gifts.

Or, just goof around and smash them when we are done. That is the nice thing about gourds - always giving entertainment.

Some of them turned out quite pretty.

Either way, it was a fun way to spend the afternoon playing with a spoon and the lucky machete'...