Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Project for a Cold, Dark NorthWest - Maka-Feke

Here is another fun project. Back in 2006 April Conference, President Monson gave a great talk, warning about how deadly sin can lure us in, and used the Tongan Octopus lure, Maka-feke, as an illustration in his talk. (find it here:

The kids love fishing, and we found several good examples of the lure in Hawaii this year (Hawaiians call them Luhee), so we decided to put some together.

We gathered parts this year while on the islands.

First step was attach the shell to the stick.

Second step, lash the stone to the underside of the stick.

"Hey, this would make a good club!"

Try different lashings to see what works for you.

Here is the finished shell, stick, and rock.

We couldn't find any shark teeth on our last Hawaiian outing (thank goodness...), so are waiting for some to come via the ancient Hawaiian marketplace known as...


Here is another example from Hawaii. The grass skirt is a nice addition... maybe our 6-year old will spare some from her hula-skirt...

Another fun project. Next trip to the islands, we'll test it out!