Monday, December 6, 2010

Exploration in the Dark of Winter - Beaver Creek Falls

With some time on our hands a weekend or two back, we decided to explore some more of the area.

We had heard of Beaver Creek Falls, just west of Longview WA on Oregon's Hwy-30, but had never been there.

Here is the upper falls. Very nice, except for the 2 deer carcasses some local dumped there. At least you couldn't smell the 3 diapers we found... nasty.

Eventually we found the main falls... and it was very impressive!

Very dramatic as the river rolls on and then, out of no where, drops straight off a 130 foot cliff!

It was icy and slick, so we were careful. The numerous flowers and crosses along the fence also cautioned us - several people have died here slipping off the edge.

Maybe another day we'll climb the tree...

The biggest challenge seems to get down below the falls... at least it is a challenge if you don't want to just slip over.

Very picturesque.

It also reminded us alot of the falls up Eagle Creek in the Columbia River Gourge.

Two years ago, the entire falls froze over. We didn't see it, but the pictures were memorable!

The bank above and below the falls are quite steep.

We looked and worked hard to get down there without getting wet, but all we ended up doing is having a few close-calls, and got really muddy.

To get below, we'll need to bring waders to get across the river above the falls.

Here is a shot from above by the road.

We stopped by to see the falls this last sunday, after a church assignment in Rainier, OR.

Good thing we had our church clothes on, because in the sunny weather we were tempted for a hike!

"yeah right, Dad..."

The Pacific NorthWest is full of beautiful places that don't require much exploration.