Monday, December 6, 2010

Simple Junk Boot Dryer

Last month on the pheasant hunt, it became very clear the Gore-Tex lining on all of our old hunting boots is no longer in service...

The big boot dryers for sale are way too big to practically lug around... what we want is a small, portable set.

So... with some 1.5" and 1" PVC pipe pieces, we created our own.

The key is a dual-fan setup we pulled out of our old PC. These 1" fans run off 12V DC, so an old wall adapter easily can power these, providing positive air-flow into the boot via the 1.5" pipe.

The 1" pipe section will allow rapid air exiting from the boot - a key requirement for fast drying.

A couple of zip-ties and 1/4" bolts with wing-nuts (for quick break-down) are all it took to assemble.

Another quick-connect for the 12V power, and it is good to go!

Here is teh final assembly. We found we didn't need elbows on the bigger pipe - just alot of airflow in, and the smaller pipe with the top elbow draws the input air back out of the boot.

Simple, obviously cheap, and portable. All requirements met. they work best when the fan is near a wall heater or fireplace.

And with all the $ saved, we can buy new boots.