Friday, December 31, 2010

Illuminated Target Using EL Wire

Here is a fun project - creating an illuminated target for shooting.

The darkness of this time of year needs more illuminated projects. Now, rain or shine, darkness or grayness, we can go out back and shoot!

First, simply create a simple sillouette target on thin wood or cardboard.

We are using 2mm EL wire - some cool plastic coated phosphorous wire that lights up with power!

At one end of the target, punch a hole and feed all the EL wire through.

Now, we simply tape or stable the EL wire around the sillouette's outline.

Here is the target, completed.

Here is how it looks in the dark. Cool!

We put some LEDs behind the target, so when we hit the cardboard, we can see the holes light up.

EL wire is very cheap - we got some 7.5 feet long wire with the power converter on ebay for only $3. So many fun things to do with this stuff!

Next we might make a TRON suit for Grandma!